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Item Name: 10mm carbon fiber tubes

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubing is manufactured from unidirectional carbon fiber with a twill/plain outer layer. The unidirectional layers are oriented to provide high bending stiffness and axial strength. The woven twill/plain outer layer provides a bias support layer in addition to an attractive appearance. This product is ideal for building lightweight frames and structures, tubular vessels, poles, column supports, and any other application where low weight and high stiffness are essential and appearance is also important.

Property of carbon fiber :
-High strength to weight ratio
-High resistance to fatigue
-Low coefficient of thermal expansion
-Resistance to corrosion


Hotsales Size

OD*ID (MM) Length (MM) Weight(G/Meter)
6X4 1000mm /500mm /330mm 20 g/m
8X6 1000mm /500mm /330mm 30 g/m
10X8 1000mm /500mm /330mm 45 g/m
12X10 1000mm /500mm /330mm 50 g/m
14X12 1000mm /500mm /330mm 60 g/m
15X13 1000mm /500mm /330mm 65 g/m
16X14 1000mm /500mm /330mm 70 g/m
18X16 1000mm /500mm /330mm 85 g/m
20X18 1000mm /500mm /330mm 90 g/m
22X20 1000mm /500mm /330mm 115 g/m
25X23 1000mm /500mm /330mm 120 g/m
30X28 1000mm /500mm /330mm 146 g/m
30X27 1000mm /500mm /330mm 160 g/m


About "Made To Order"
The Tooling size, which decide the inner diameter and length ,prepreg plies can readily be added or subracted allowing the tube to be customized with different wall thicknesses.
Say, 19mm ID, customer can order its OD be 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, depend on your need.


 The tooling list:

ID*Length (MM)   ID*Length (MM)
4*1000   20*1000
5*1000   21*1300
6*1300   22*1500
7*1000   23*1300
8*1000   23.5*1300
9*1100   24*1000
10*1000   25*1300
11*1000   26*1300
12*1000   27*1300
13*1300   28*1300
14*1300   41*1300
15*1000   45*1300
16*1200   47*1300

Application for carbon fiber sheet:
1. UAVs and Drones
2. Furniture,Luxury items and Corporate Gifts
3. Manufacture fixtures and tooling
4. Industrial automation and robotics
5. Sports equipment
6. Musical instruments
7. Scientific apparatus
8. Medical device,X-Ray and Gamma Ray Applications
9. Others

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