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Custom carbon fiber CNC machining

Com-Carbon provide custom machining. you provide a sketch or a DXF file(in 2007 version), we do the rest work. we can manufacture your parts ans ship it to you any place in the world.


We stock verity of material from 0.5mm to 5mm in carbon fiber and G10 fiberglass.

1) Carbon Fiber Sheet
Gloss or Matte
Plain Weave or Twill Weave

2) Carbon Mixed fiberglass sheet
Gloss or Matte
Plain Weave or Twill Weave

3) FR4 /G10 fiberglass sheet
Black color

Thickness & Size

0.5mm  0.8mm  1mm  1.5mm  2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm

Plate Available Size:
400*500mm, 500*600mm, 600*1000mm


Milling Skills

Cutting, Drilling,Slot cutting(grooving), Countersunking , 45Deg Chamfering, LOGO printing

comcarbon- machining.jpg


Different design request different jobs.  a standard price is impossible.  The price is dependent on material usage, machining work and machining time.

Lead Time: usually take 5 work days to 15 work days, depend on your order.

Carbon Fiber Roll Tube machining
OD from 0.6mm to 30mm, Custom lengths available upon request.
MOQ: 200pcs to 500pcs

drill carbon tube.jpg

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