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Carbon fiber tube winding process

Method of making carbon fiber tube is usually in the winding, the process is not complicated, the carbon fiber in the resin, and then wound on the core mold, high temperature curing, stripping and other steps to get products, general winding can be subdivided into dry and semi dry wet winding winding, winding, this paper [...]

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Application prospect of carbon fiber vehicle

With the rapid increase of vehicle consumption and the demand for low-carbon life, the new generation of automobiles must have the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the most effective way to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction is lightweight. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight, [...]

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Four forms of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber as the material field of high strength, small density of the bright younger generation, is best known for its label, in addition, it also has a series of advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging, so many excellent properties of carbon fiber with extensive application in many areas. There are four [...]

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Advantages of carbon fiber medical head care

In recent years, some high-end medical equipment manufacturers have chosen a carbon fiber composite material the high performance materials for their own products to achieve quality upgrading, the specific application of carbon fiber composites in the field of medical devices including carbon fiber plate, DR flat panel detector head, etc.. It has a strong advantage [...]

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Study on the production process of carbon fiber prepreg

Prepreg is used to impregnate continuous fiber or fabric with a resin matrix under strict control, and is an intermediate material for the manufacture of composite materials. Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite made of carbon fiber, epoxy resin and other materials, such as coating, hot pressing and coiling. Let's get to know the production [...]

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Performance advantages of carbon fiber automobile drive shaft

In foreign countries, the earliest production of carbon fiber shaft is the driving shaft of the Morrison company, mainly for production of large trucks, then gradually applied to the automotive field. With the development of economy, more and more people are using cars. The transmission shaft is one of the key components of automobiles. Its [...]

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Several misunderstandings of carbon fiber materials

Carbon fiber is a new kind of fiber material with high strength and high modulus. It is widely used in automotive industry, aerospace, medical equipment, rail transportation and other fields. I believe a lot of people have a certain understanding of it, but there are some misunderstandings in carbon fiber materials. Let's follow this article [...]

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Carbon fiber can make furniture

Basic necessities of life is inevitable in our daily life, the house is necessary for our lives, but the house is not enough, also need to have the furniture and furniture, said, very much of its kind, our common furniture using wood, now there is a carbon fiber furniture, it and traditional furniture what is [...]

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